Just over a year ago, an email popped up in our inbox here at HCHQ from a man named Les.

He wrote of how he had captured an image of a sign that was covered in stickers while in London shooting some street photography. He asked if one of the stickers was ours and explained he'd found our website and subsequent email address while searching for clues as to who the people behind the stickers may have been.

At first we were pretty skeptical, but after a few Google searches and a few more emails backwards and forwards, we invited Les to one of our events to find out more about Holdin' Court [and so we could find our more about him]. He told us his aim was to document this meeting as part of his journey for a future issue of his magazine Elsie...

Elsie #3 The Sticker Issue was released earlier this week and is available from www.elsiemagazine.com