The Sofa Sounds Collective t-shirt was a project that started out as an idea to have some crew t-shirts for the S.S.C. From that, a natural progression of the S.S.C t-shirts have gone on to become available to anyone, anywhere.

Dabadan, founder of the S.S.C. always wanted to have a garment that was made on that ethical green vibe (fair trade/fully certified organic - including the printing method).

He also wanted to pay tribute to musicians that had inspired him hugely over the last few years, because it wouldn’t have happened without them.

The idea swam around in his tune filled brain for a short time and a concept for the artwork was born, in that short time he had found the right artist to create the picture…

There are only 100 of these t-shirts in existence as it’s a limited edition, there will never be anymore produced, so if you own one you can feel special like you won’t see people all over the place wearing the same t-shirt as you and if the creator of the project or the illustrator makes it big you can sell the thing for nuff monies to a culture collector type person (maybe).

There are 11 different colours to choose from, men’s and women’s sizes from small to xxlarge , white print or black print.
There are only 45 of the original 100 left now, so email to check what’s available.
They cost £10 each and that includes P&P.

Ethical Eco info and tings:

Here’s a link to the company that supplied the blank t-shirts /

Here’s a link to the company that printed the t-shirts /

The featured musicians in the artwork are:

Yarah Bravo & Promoe, if you don’t know of them yet get to know, here’s links to their myspaces:

And here’s the blog of the Illustrator who did the artwork: